Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Hardest Part of Leaving

Even with exit interviews we have known that we would see our friends again before we leave Cambodia, but it is oh so different when you get down to the very last goodbyes. Our office has been in the Cambodia Service Center for the last thirteen plus months and the employees there have become very good friends in many ways. We had promised our friends that we would be in until our last day, which meant we did not have to bid them fond farewell before today. As we decided to leave around 3:00 and say our final goodbyes it was not really easy, but we did survive. As we left the Service Center we went to gas up the car and picked up some bread, that is when we realized we had forgotten our computer and iPad. This time Sister Oveson stayed in the car and Elder Oveson made a mad dash in and out real fast.

We took our last warm walk, for a while, this morning. We enjoy saying hello to so many on our route every day. There were some that we tried to let know that today was our last day, but with our limited Cambodian and their limited English we are not sure they completely got it. We also spent some extra time this morning at the apartment getting things ready, so we did not make it to the office until around 10:00.

The Material Management Manager, Neth, at the Service Center agreed to go with us to Orussey Market to look for some last minute items. Some of the markets cater to foreigners, but Orussey is not one of those, so it was very helpful to have a Cambodian speaker with us. We also ended up going over to Central Market, but we were not able to find what we were looking for there.

This evening we went to Mama's New York Deli for dinner with Elder & Sister Thurston and President & Sister Christensen. We needed one more time of Mama's fish and chips, we have always enjoyed them very much. She told us tonight that she will be moving at the end of this month to a new location where the rent is cheaper. She promised to Skype us so we can see when her new location is set up. We miss Cambodia already!

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