Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Temple Trip to Manila - Unfortunately We Had to Pass

Three or four months ago we were invited to travel with a group of members who were going to the Manila Philippines Temple. Originally they thought the trip would be November, which would work for us. When they went to schedule the trip the temple housing for November was fully booked, so the group was changed to January 3rd - 7th. With our upcoming departure from the mission we decided it was just too close, and too much travel in such a short time, but Elder and Sister Thurston and Elder and Sister Dowd were available. Sister Leavitt, who did so much planning and preparation for the trip, met the group at the airport to see them safely on their way. We volunteered to take the Thurstons to the airport then pick them up about midnight on Saturday night. In exchange they are planning to take us to the airport for our long transfer home on the 13th.

There is always some major construction around Phnom Penh, and the road to the airport has gone through more than its share. Today didn't seem too bad as we went through a segment where a "fly-over" bridge is being built. The Thurstons may be here long enough to see the bridge completed. One thing with construction season in Cambodia, they don't have to work through snow, and rainy season has ended now.

While Elder Oveson attended a presidency meeting, Sister Oveson went shopping for a few last requested items. She explored areas of IBC (International Book Center) she hadn't seen before. She found a couple of books that we hope our grandchildren will enjoy, written in both English and Khmer.

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