Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Service Center Devotional & Lunch With The Staff

Prior to moving offices to the Service Center we got ourselves invited to the monthly Area Devotionals. As we moved to our new offices we were included in the rotation to conduct, pray, give thoughts and training for the weekly Service Center Devotional. We have felt fully accepted by the staff, even though we are the unpaid volunteers.

When Elder and Sister Meinzer went home they took the full Service Center Staff to Tonle Bassac Restaurant. We told them that they had set some high expectations for us. About two weeks ago we asked the Service Center Manager, Sea Samnang, if we could take the whole staff out for lunch. We knew that they had been given directions to not go out or have the Christmas party catered so we wanted to comply with what the Area Leadership desired. After thinking about it, he told us that they could go, but they had to be there and back in less than two hours. Tonle Bassac is about a twenty minute drive from the office. It was a great gathering and everyone completely stuffed themselves. We are amazed at how much some of our skinny Cambodian friends can eat.

This afternoon we had a final Skype call with Chad Furness, the Asia Area Self-Reliance Manager. Over the last eighteen months we have come to be friends with Chad, not only as the Area Manager, but also when he came with his oldest son, Christian, and one of his friends to Cambodia. When we were the Communication Couple we had a monthly Skype call that lasted for about an hour. He also has a home and extended family in Utah so we told him that we want to meet his wife and daughter next time they are in town. There are those that we work with that are so much more than just fellow workers, they are friends for an eternity.

We have whittled down the amount of food that we have left at our apartment. We have either eaten it or shared it with the other Senior Couples, especially the Thurstons across the hall. Sister Thurston is so gracious, she knows we don't just want to throw food away so she has been willing to take so many little things.

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