Friday, January 6, 2017

Our Time Here Is Just Flying By

We are a little late in posting to our Blog for the 6th of January. Yesterday went by so quickly and we were so focused on completing some projects that it got forgotten completely. You would think that after writing every day for almost two years it would be like breathing or eating, something that you just do without being reminded.

One of the highlights of our day was a Skype call with Elder and Sister Chandler, the new Asia Area Self-Reliance Communication Couple. This was our first and last call with them, and they told us that we were the first couple they Skyped with in their new assignment. It was a joy to chat with them and reflect on the opportunities and blessings that we have felt as we have served in Cambodia.

Elder Oveson also had a Skype call with Steve Yang, the Area Operations Manager, about the Perpetual Education Loans. Elder Oveson has been helping review them for the last nine or ten months, but that will now fall on Steve to do. He is trying really hard to talk us into going home for a few months and then coming back to Taiwan to serve another mission. We also found out today that one of our friends from back home has been called as a Mission President. They also are trying to recruit us to serve in their mission when we are ready to go again.

Sister Oveson is still taking the lead on preparing three photo books to be published. We have most of the pictures that will be used in them pulled together and one basically done, but there is still a lot to do before they go to the internet publisher. It takes hours go through the thousands of pictures we have taken and deciding which ones to us. Today's collage is another one of the pictures that will be used in the photo books.

This evening we decided that we needed to go to Mama's New York Deli for dinner. We now have less than a week to go and she is one of our friends that we will miss when we go home. We love her fish and chips, but they were out of french fries. She told us that a bunch of the young Elders had been in and she used up her complete supply.

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