Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Last" Experiences and Exit Interview

Our mission is so close to the end, but we are just fine. There are no butterflies, just a peaceful feeling of a mission complete and a little anticipation and excitement to return home. Cambodia will be forever in our hearts. The people and experiences of the past two years have changed our lives. For any who are considering a senior mission, we highly recommend it!

During our mission adventures we have learned things we didn't know that we needed to know, such as "you cross the road one inch at a time". We have felt God's love for our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world.

Today's schedule included more "last" experiences. There was one last Asia Area Self-Reliance team meeting. This gave us a chance to say goodbye to many of our friends we have worked with in the area. Then this afternoon was our exit interview with President Christensen. What an amazing mission president! President and Sister Christensen have become some of our dearest eternal friends. We look forward to future reunions with so many amazing couples who have shared our Cambodia Adventure experiences.

Tonight we did a little of our "last" housekeeping, preparing our apartment for our departure. There has not been another couple called as yet to take our place, so the lease on our apartment will not be renewed as the contract expires the end of February. This has required us to separate the items furnished with the apartment from the items we brought with us.

As we leave Cambodia we will miss the beautiful sunsets and our tropical morning walks. We will especially miss the people. But we look forward to whatever adventures that are just ahead.

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