Sunday, January 8, 2017

Church, Dinner Guests and Goodbyes

With picking up the Thurstons last night at the airport we did not make it to bed until 1:30 this morning, but our bodies are not used to sleeping in so we were still up by 6:00. It felt real nice to have a leisure morning, since our first Ward did not start until 1:00 p.m. We were able to read some conference talks and do some final preparation for our dinner this evening.

It has always been hard to gauge how long it will take to drive to Steung Mean Chey, and since we believe if you cannot be on time be early, that is what we try to do. Traffic flowed really good today so we were out there by 12:40, but that gave us chance to hand out some of our departure cards to our Cambodian friends. We have been attending the Wards here in Cambodia longer than we attended our home Ward in South Jordan. They had their Fast and Testimony Meeting today so we both took the opportunity to share our testimonies and to say goodbye. After Sacrament Meeting we handed out some more cards and got some pictures with one of our favorite couples.

Traffic was a lot more congested on our way to the Chaktomuk Ward, so we did not have as much time before Sacrament Meeting to hand out cards. That was alright since we were staying for the full block and had time to catch our friends between meetings. Chaktomuk Ward did their Fast and Testimony Meeting last week and they had speakers assigned so we thought we were safe. But we were still called on to share our testimonies and to say a few words. We have made many dear friends in this ward as well. Again we had to take pictures and say goodbye.

This evening we invited Sameth and Phanna's families to our house for dinner. We cooked chicken breasts yesterday and mashed potatoes this morning. We also got asparagus, salad with Mama's Ranch dressing, and of course rice. It was a great meal and we have really grown to love these little families.

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