Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bump, Hump, Slump and Dump

We have mentioned before when Elder Oveson served his first mission a common slang term that was used by the missionaries was bump, hump, slump and dump. Bump meant they had been out six months, hump was twelve months, slump was at eighteen months and dump was going home. Hopefully we have not done that here on this mission, in fact it feels like we have gotten even busier the longer we have been serving. Even with that there comes a time to wrap things up so that there are not a lot of loose ends when we go home. We are definitely in that wrap up phase.

One project that we were asked to do was update the preferred job list. We have entered job postings into an Excel spreadsheet to get a feel for which jobs have the most openings, what the pay is at various levels and the job requirements that employers were seeking. Elder Oveson thought that it was interesting that Accountants had the second most job postings but he was not interested in the pay scale of $200 to $1,000 per month.

Over the last twenty-two months we have taken literally thousands of pictures, many have been used in our daily blog. Sister Oveson got an offer for get two free books when you purchase one so she has been pulling together some collages to use in the books. She has twelve out of the sixty plus covers that she needs, but based on the past she will get them done. Tonight's collage is one that will be in the books.

This afternoon we had a little visitor at our office, Sameth's oldest daughter, Yuri. She goes to two different schools, a Cambodian school in the morning and an English speaking school in the afternoon. The English school did not have classes today so she was Sister Oveson's little friend today. Yuri will be eight years old on the 21st of January and will be baptized that day, so she is the same age as our granddaughter Ari, who just turned eight and was baptized. Ari had sent a picture she had drawn and a couple of photos to Yuri, so Yuri was reciprocating with some butterflies and other pictures that she made this afternoon.

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  1. Busier and busier, and it probably won't stop when you get home with all your family, etc.