Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Institute Friends

Each Saturday morning as we go to teach Institute we never know what to expect. There was the time that the classroom that we teach in was flood along with that wing of the building. At times the room looks very well taken care of and other times when we just have to say, "Really!?" This morning was one of those times. Someone had taken styrofoam christmas decorations and shredded them all over the floor. We spent fifteen minutes sweeping up the mess before we could start setting up for the class.

Another unknown each week is how many will be there when we start and by the end of the class. As the time to start arrived we had no participants, so we started without them and sang an opening hymn. Before we finished singing the first two arrived, so one of them offered the opening prayer. By ten after the hour we had more than ten present and the last one walked in with five minutes left of the class. There were a total of twenty-one participants and the four year old daughter of one who came with her this morning.

As the class ended Rathana, who works at the Service Center and attends our class, asked what time Elder Oveson had meetings today. We told them that he did not have any meetings this week but next week he did. She said good because we have a surprise for you. They had planned a going away party with food and drinks. I guess we have to forgive them for being late since they were preparing for the party.

This evening Elder & Sister Thurston hosted a gathering for any of the Senior Missionaries that could come to their apartment. Since they live just across the hall from us we could not use the excuse that it was too far to go on a New Years Eve. It is always fun to get together with the other Senior Missionaries and we will miss this group when we go home.

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